The Cross-Cultural Ministry of Katharina and Michael Stewart Robb

Sanctus Institute

Munich, Germany is where we live and the Sanctus Institute is what we are currently doing, founding a unique European institute on the continent. At the moment this is a three-pronged initiative to come alongside the European church in the areas of Theology and Spirituality.

Through our US sponsor, The Antioch Partners, like-minded North American churches and individuals can support us in this one-of-a-kind mission in Europe.

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There are FIVE WAYS that we believe we can have an impact on Europe.

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As missionaries we aim to make ourselves available to people, places and projects in Europe which cannot support people with our gifts and abilities because the word of the gospel has not yet taken sufficient root.
We live primarily from recurring donations, whether monthly, quarterly, yearly or whenever, from fellow disciples of Jesus around the world.

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Our Mission Statement

To serve the church in Europe by serving its leaders -- evangelistically, academically and itinerantly -- in Theology, Spiritual Formation and Ministry Philosophy.

Enjoy Mike’s Photography

Mike takes his camera with him everywhere he goes. It is a reminder to him that beauty is all around and that God is good.

Most of his public pictures are from his travels. To see pictures of his irresistably cute children, see Facebook.


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