I have had a vision for a while to write a book on Philosophy of Ministry. At present it is only a series of fragments which I have, on loan from Blaise Pascal, titled the Pensées (thoughts). It will be a book about the Great Commission and pastoral missionary work, the kind Jesus did and passed on. Consider everything you read a work in progress. With more time, they would be more frequent than they are.

Missionary Preaching

Katharina and I were in Ohio for a month this summer and we went to church one Sunday and the pastor preached a good sermon.  I know that not every sermon is great and, while a few are bad, most are just average.  Which is fine.  God obviously uses average sermons; otherwise he wouldn’t give

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Planting Worship Centers

I’ve had a few encounters with Christians, usually a part of a new church initiative, who talk about how their church aims at be “socially relevant”.  The remark is often put in a way that suggests that the other churches they know aren’t relevant for society but they, having been enlightened, have decided to take

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What is and what isn’t Evangelism?

Evangelism is about telling people things they don’t know.  An evangelist is someone who has new information.  That’s what the word “gospel” or “evangel” means.  It’s dead normal Greek word which was used by pagans, philosophers, merchants, blacksmiths, Jews and generals to express something that is told to people who don’t know it.  It has

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Pastoral Missions

You’ve heard of medical missions.  The idea is to send trained doctors to parts of the world where doctors are rare and allow them to help sick people and train new medical assistants and doctors.  But why did we stop thinking that our more “churchly” missionaries weren’t in fact pastors whom we were sending to

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Missional Christians get to heaven faster?

The medievals thought they had a pretty good division of labor when they divided Christians into those pursuing the ascetic-contemplative life and those pursuing the active life.  The former were the monks, the latter were everybody else.  As you can imagine, it was thought that the contemplatives were on a more perfect path to God. 

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People are facts

“The people we live among and come in contact with are not theories, they are facts.” (Oswald Chambers The Cure of Souls, 17). If only the “organic strategic missional movement missiology” would take that one to heart.

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American French

This is a bad picture of Christine at work in the French-twinged Cajun restaurant where we met her.  She’s a native French speaker who grew up in Louisiana speaking American French in the home.  No, not Canadian French or Old World French but a French as native to the USA as English.  How so? As

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Things I love about being a missionary

I’m a missionary. Yesterday as I was prepared to make my own pesto and eat it with some flat noodles, I realized that I forgot to buy pine nuts, an essential ingredient for pesto making. It was Sunday and on Sunday all grocery stores are closed in Germany. Therefore, not having anything else in the

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