The two baby steps, according to Dallas Willard, in working with God are giving and praying.  Both are the ways partners can join our work.  Praying you can do right now.  You are one page away from doing the other:

Give through Alongside Ministries International

God & NumbersAs missionaries we aim to make ourselves available to people, places and projects in Europe which cannot support people with our gifts and abilities because the word of the gospel has not yet taken sufficient root.  Most of modern Europe falls in that category.

In order to do this long-service missionaries like ourselves live primarily from recurring donations, whether monthly, quarterly, yearly or whenever, from fellow disciples of Jesus around the world.  Please pray that we would be fully funded in our work.  And with the Spirit consider making a commitment to give regularly.

Contributions to us are, mercifully, handled by our missionary community/society Alongside Ministries International, who help provide supervision and fiscal responsibility for our work.  AlongsideOn their Donate page you can choose between a one-time gift or a recurring donation.  Examples of recurring donations include:


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