Would you like to have us come and work with your group? In a variety of settings, I (Mike) would be happy to lead you and your people through almost any aspect of Theology, Spiritual Formation & Soul Care or Ministry Philosophy. Here are some of the recent projects I have done which I’d be happy to repeat.

This is an introductory course for those interested in spiritual formation which focuses on how we were built as human beings. In other words, it is a course in Christian psychology. It would be most helpful for those who are already in ministry with other people but can also be studied by those who are simply interested in their own personal development as spiritual beings.

Mit Leib und Seele (With Heart and Soul)
This is neither a course nor a community. It is a short-term rule of life with some instruction and some fellowship. The focus is on one’s own journey with God and learning new tips for the journey. The experience seeks to impart to the participants a working of knowledge of specific spiritual disciplines that can be used after our time together. It is designed for those who are already experienced in the Christian life and, given that they are likely serving somewhere in the church, most the rule of life is done at one’s own pace.

The Spirituality of Dallas Willard
This is a seminary or doctoral-level Theology course for students who have read Dallas Willard’s main theology books. Willard believed, and I agree, that the church needs a theology which supports discipleship and spiritual formation. In his 60 years of ministry, Willard had thought through most of what should be taught in order to help people understand God and what he is doing in the world. This course takes students systematically through the key themes in Willard’s theology and spirituality, including many which are not in print.