Katharina Robb

Computer Vision Engineer, Translator, Spiritual Friend

Born in Ethiopia, raised in Germany, lived in Germany, England and Scotland, married to an American for ten years – that’s me. I’ve always enjoyed studying English, partly because early on it enabled me to communicate with people from different cultures. Now I get to use it everyday, both at home and at work, and that’s great. Having lived in Great Britain and been exposed to the American culture for a good amount of time, I feel at home in British and American settings, sometimes more so than in my own German culture.

I rather stumbled into image processing and computer vision at the end of my maths degree and have worked in the field for about six years now, after a stint as some kind of a Geophysicist (which was my title rather than my real expertise…). I enjoy the challenges even though they can be tough at times.

In Mike, I met this great pastor and theologian who seemed to have something or know something most other people didn’t. Through him, I was introduced to Spiritual Formation in Christ and learned that transformation really is possible.

I was blessed to be able to be a part of the London Cohort of the Renovaré Institute up until last summer. During that time I had the good fortune to work my way through the writings of Dallas Willard, Richard Foster and other great writers dealing with Christian Spirituality and life with God. The two years I spent with Renovaré have greatly impacted my life and I’ve connected deeply with dear friends.

Now I’d like to pass some of my knowledge on to others.