Michael Stewart Robb

Christian Educator, Writer, Theologian

Michael’s longstanding interest in how churches educate and edify their members in theology and spirituality began in 1999 and has guided his work ever since. To this end, he has always pursued the best education possible in the interest of giving it away to others. In 2012 he began researching the thought of American philosopher and spiritual writer Dallas Willard and is finishing a book titled The Kingdom Among Us on Willard’s theology of the Christ event.

Since 2004, he has lived in Europe and worked with a variety of churches (German Evangelical Free, Church of Scotland, German Lutheran and Vineyard DACH). He currently lives in the inner city of Munich, Germany with his wife and two children. He and Katharina are founding the European institute Sanctus (sanctus.institute) and his current writing project is on “urban spirituality,” or living well with God in the city.